Zettelkasten Principles

A Note-Making System

In order to build a functioning Note-Making System, one that is capable of deepening your understanding about your Areas of Interest, you should adhere to a set of principles. These principles make it easier for you to connect your thinking as it develops, creating linked ideas and concepts. This is one of the ways knowldge turns into wisdom.

Andy Matuschak suggests notes should adhere to these principles:

  1. A note should be Atomic
  2. A note should be Concept Oriented 
  3. A note should be Densely Linked
  4. A note  should be organised using Associative Ontologies

Andy Matushak  has coined the term Evergreen Notes to distinguish between what he calls fleeting notes and lasting notes.


I use the term Cornerstone Note in much the same way. In addition, I believe even a fleeting note may have the potential to be of Lasting Value.

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