What is a Digital Garden?

A Digital Garden is a place where you curate and share your ideas. The point of a Digital Garden is that ideas are emergent; they are Thoughts in Progress (TIP) rather than your completed ones.

This notion of Thoughts in Progress (TIP) is one of the ways a Digital Garden is distinguished from a conventional blog.

I have a small garden of my own called Poetry in Practice. I consider it to be more of a building site rather than a A Digital Garden, however. This is because I see ideas as constructions we make not something which grows organically.

A Digital Garden should adhere to ground-rules for the cultivator and the visitor. Shawn Wang’s Terms of Service is a good place to start:

Shawn Wang-Terms of Service


  • Right to be wrong: ideas are TIPs which can be naïve, change over time or may not be developed
  • Constructive criticism: offer your thoughts and ideas in return, but don’t expect me to always agree – develop my ideas yourself and share them back
  • Attribute, don’t plagiarise: a statement about copyright, which isn’t waived for commercial purposes – use my ideas to develop your own, but don’t steal.


  • Consideration of others: values you will adhere to in your garden e.g. treat others as you would like to be treated
  • Epistemic disclosure: show why you hold your beliefs and link to sources and counter-sources
  • Response to feedback: don’t get discouraged if there’s no feedback, these are your TIPs – correct what’s manifestly wrong – don’t agree to always respond or agree to feedback.

A List of Digital Gardens


  1. Maggie Appleton’s Digital Garden
  2. Setting Up Your Digital- Garden Maggie Appleton
  3. How to link your Obsidian post to your website – Keep it – Obsidian Forum
  4. CSS for Obsidian – Keep It – Eric Gregorich
  5. [Obsidian Help Aricle – Publish]((https://help.obsidian.md/Plugins/Publish)
  6. How to Customise Your Notes with CSS – Keep It – Santi Younger – good explanation, easy to follow.
  7. [[Digital Gardening for Non-Technical Folks]]
  8. Maggie Appleton outlines some options for creating a [[Digital Garden]][]
  9. How to set up a Digital Garden – Keep It – Anne Laure Le Canuff goes through the various technical options available
  10. [A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden – Maggie Appleton](https://maggieappleton.com/garden-history some notes on the back ground to [[Digital Garden]]
  11. Digital Garden Terms of Service – Keep It – Shawn Wang a fantastic manifesto for a [[Digital Garden]] with guidance for some rules to be observed by gardeners and visitors
  12. [Git Hub Resource – Digital Gardens – Keep It – Maggie Appleton](https://github.com/MaggieAppleton/digital-gardeners an amazing repository of everything to do with [[Digital Garden]]
  13. Obsidian Publish

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