Well-Lived Life


This is how I define a Well-Lived Life. Your definition will must be different.

  1. You are fulfilled with no more than your fair share of disappointments.
  2. You are happy with many more sunlit hills than dark valleys.
  3. Your days are filled with good intentions which you work on with integrity.
  4. Your wisdom steadily accumulates.
  5. You optimise your inherent talents.
  6. You find increased equanimity.
  7. Your mindful awareness grows.
  8. You have as much health and well-being as your genes and environment permits.
  9. You have loving relationships and deep friendships.
  10. You have financial, physical and emotional security.
  11. You creatively add to what the world knows.


The Question

Given a set of genes and the limitations of your mind, what can you do to increase the likelihood of living a Well-Lived Life?

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