Where Do Ideas Come From?


I write poetry.

Not as well as I’d like.

I would love to write better poetry as I love the art form because of its precision. The best poets can capture something essential about their topic, express what they have to say in a way which is fresh or moving.

As part of my ongoing struggle to be a better poet, I have joined the Poetry Society.

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Lasting Value


Failing at Personal Knowledge Management

In previous attempts at creating and maintaining Personal Knowledge Management Systems (PKMSs), I have thrown lots of material into my storage facility DEVONthink. I was of course thereby demonstrating that I had fallen prey to the Collectors Fallacy.

Items which were stored in DEVONthink may have passed a threshold of interest, but they were prone to two problems:

  • I may have stored items which were of passing interest, but whose utility was ephemeral
  • there was no obvious retrieval method, or means of linking ideas together, even allowing for DEVONthink’s rather impressive AI.
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Information Flow Methodology

Note-Making Nomenclature


All information reaches my consciousness in one of these ways:

  • reading books, articles, news reports etc
  • visiting websites
  • receiving emails
  • listening to podcasts, radio, music
  • watching TV, opera, movies etc
  • other apps e.g. DailyArt

A Process

This process describes how an Item of Knowledge that has potential Lasting Value is identified, captured and processed in accordance with the criteria described in Information Flow Purpose.

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