Evergreen Notes

My Note-Making Nomenclature

What Are Evergreen Notes?

The term ‘Evergreen Notes‘ is used by Andy Matushak to describe notes which are more than fleeting.

Evergreen Notes adhere to the Zettelkasten Principles which makes recording useful notes  easier to do consistently.

I have developed my own terminology. Instead of Evergreen Notes, I use the term Cornerstone Note because I like the idea that they are building blocks of information.


I use Particle Note  to describe a note inside my Note-Making System that has yet to become a Cornerstone Note.

A Particle Note only finds its way into my Note-Making System when I’m reasonably sure it is of potential Lasting Value.

I have defined a process called Information Flow  me create a useful Note-Making System which is not littered with too much useless knowledge.

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