Definition of a Building Block Note

I use the word Building Block Note to describe a unique note that I have placed into my Note-Making System.

To get into the Note-Making System, a note must be of potential Lasting Value. Ascribing Lasting Value to a note is my way of cordoning off my attention from items which are merely ‘interesting’ but are likely of no Lasting Value.

The reason I am doing this is so as I can avoid the catastrophe of my previous ‘knowledge management systems’, that have been the perfect illustration of the Collectors Fallacy.

I use the Information Flow I have designed to permit a note to enter my Note-Making System.

I use the concept of Lasting Value as a gateway that filters access to my Note-Making System.

I use two apps, Instapaper and DEVONthink to help manage my Zettelkasten which is one element of my Personal Knowledge Management System.

Here is the complete note  nomenclature I use.

A Particle Note is either:

The word ‘particle’ is used because a particle is the smallest discrete portion or amount of something.

A Particle Note can bind to other ideas and concepts as you think and write about it. As this process evolves, structure emerges:


Note-Making Nomenclature

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