Thoughts in Progress



Your thoughts evolve. If they don’t you have adopted fixed positions. You may no longer be open-minded, susceptible, exploratory.

My values include a life-long commitment to personal development. My search for the Well-Lived Life  means I will have to go on looking. Thoughts in Progress (TIP) are thoughts on the way to becoming articulated and/or realised ideas.


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Concept Oriented


What Should Notes Be About?

Note every note you take should end up in your Zettelkasten or your Note-Making System. Lists of errands to run, jobs to do are best organised elsewhere.
I separate the storage of documents (PDFs, web articles and so on) from where I store my notes. This is because I want to avoid the Collectors Fallacy, something I’ve been prone to in the past.
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Where Do Ideas Come From?


I write poetry.

Not as well as I’d like.

I would love to write better poetry as I love the art form because of its precision. The best poets can capture something essential about their topic, express what they have to say in a way which is fresh or moving.

As part of my ongoing struggle to be a better poet, I have joined the Poetry Society.

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