Books About Writing Poetry

This is a list of books and articles which I have found useful on the topic of writing poetry.


Some of the books have links which take you to Amazon. If you use that link to purchase a book I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to yourself or the author.

  1. Paterson, Don: Poem: Lyric, Sign, Metre.
  2. Oliver, Mary: A Poetry Handbook
  3. Fenton, James: An Introduction To English Poetry
  4. Hughes, Ted: Poetry In The Making: A Handbook For Writing And Teaching
  5. Herbert, W. N:. Writing Poetry
  6. Doty, Mark: The Art Of Description: World Into Word
  7. Maxwell, Glyn: On Poetry
  8. Longenbach, James: The Art Of The Poetic Line
  9. Koch, Kenneth: Making Your Own Days: The Pleasures Of Reading And Writing Poetry
  10. Aristotle; Heath, Malcolm 
  11. Goldberg, Natalie: Writing Down The Bones: Freeing The Writer Within
  12. Foundation, Poetry: Islands Apart: A Notebook By Eavan Boland
  13. Hobsbaum, Philip: Metre, Rhythm, And Verse Form
  14. Newlyn, Lucy: The Craft Of Poetry: A Primer In Verse
  15. Yakich, Mark Poetry: A Survivor’s Guide
  16. Wainwright, Jeffrey: Poetry: The Basics
  17. Williams, Rhian: The Poetry Toolkit: The Essential Guide To Studying Poetry
  18. Sansom, Peter: Writing Poems
  19. Kleon, Austin: The Steal Like An Artist Journal: A Notebook For Creative Kleptomaniacs
  20. Castiglione, Davide: A Parsing-Proof Whole: Susan Howe’s Experimental Syntax And Its Processing Implications
  21. Padel, Ruth: 52 Ways Of Looking At A Poem. A Poem For Every Week Of The Year
  22. Voigt, Ellen Bryant: The Art Of Syntax: Rhythm Of Thought, Rhythm Of Song
  23. Carson, Anne: Decreation: Poetry, Essays, Opera
  24. Baldwin, James: The Fire Next Time
  25. Strong Words: Modern Poets On Modern Poetry
  26. Bell, Jo; Commane, Jane: How To Be A Poet
  27. Cameron, Julia: The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path To Higher Creativity
  28. Hyams, Barbara: Reading Rilke With Denise Levertov
  29. Levertov, Denise: On The Function Of The Line (Essay)
  30. Levertov, Denise: Some Notes On Organic Form (Essay)
  31. Stress Fractures: Essays On Poetry
  32. Pound, Ezra: Literary Essays Of Ezra Pound
  33. Auden, W. H: The Dyer’s Hand
  34. Lerner, Ben: The Hatred Of Poetry
  35. Atlantic Drift: An Anthology Of Poetry And Poetics
  36. Stress Fractures: Essays On Poetry
  37. Hollander, John; Mcclatchy, J. D.; Wilbur, Richard: Rhyme’s Reason: A Guide To English Verse
  38. James, Clive: The Fire Of Joy: Roughly 80 Poems To Get By Heart And Say Aloud
  39. Levertov, Denise New & Selected Essays
  40. Lowell, Amy; Lawrence, D.H.: Some Imagist Poets: An Anthology
  41. Hibbett, Ryan: The Hughes/Larkin Phenomenon: Poetic Authenticity In Postwar English Poetry (Article)
  42. Bond, Bruce: The SRPR Review Essay: The New In The News: Poetry, Authenticity, And The Historical Imagination (Article)
  43. Strauss, Peter: Poetry As Askesis: The Modernists’ Search For Authenticity
  44. Bloom, Harold: The Anxiety Of Influence: A Theory Of Poetry
  45. The Redemption Of Poetry: Modernist Authenticity And Marianne Moore’s Definition Of Poetry – Cardiff University And NHS Wales Libraries (Article)
  46. Mueller-Zettelmann, Eva: Deconstructing The Self?  Late Twentieth-Century British Poetry And The Fiction Of Authenticity (Article)
  47. Selleri, Andrea: Authorship, Authenticity And The Perceptual/Non-Perceptual Divide (Article)
  48. Disney, Dan: Authenticity, Aggressivity, Self-Doing: Next Thoughts On What Poets Might Do
  49. Allison, Raphael: Robert Frost, Live: Authenticity And Performance In The Audio Archive (Article)
  50. Feldman, Alan: Sincerity And Authenticity (Article)
  51. Holden, Jonathan: Style, Authenticity And Poetic Truth (Article)
  52. Hart, Stuart A The Taxonomist
  53. Chambers Dictionary Of Etymology
  54. Boland, Eavan: A Question (Article)
  55. Boland, Eavan: That The Science Of Cartography Is Limited (Article)
  56. Morley, David: Don Paterson’s ‘The Dark Art Of Poetry’ (Article)
  57. Oliver, Mary: Rules For The Dance: A Handbook For Writing And Reading Metrical Verse
  58. The Craft: A Guide To Making Poetry Happen In The 21St Century
  59. Rilke, Rainer Maria Letters To A Young Poet

Biographies of Poets

Here are some of the biographies of poets I enjoyed reading.

  1. Wilson, Jean Moorcroft Edward Thomas: From Adlestrop To Arras: A Biography
  2. Motion, Andrew Philip Larkin: A Writer’s Life
  3. Swift, Daniel: The Bughouse: The Poetry, Politics, And Madness Of Ezra Pound
  4. Copus, Julia: This Rare Spirit: A Life Of Charlotte Mew
    Tomalin, Claire Thomas Hardy: The Time-Torn Man
  5. Gill, Stephen William Wordsworth: A Life
  6. Wilson, Jean Moorcroft Edward Thomas: From Adlestrop To Arras: A Biography
  7. Hollis, Matthew: Now All Roads Lead To France: A Life Of Edward Thomas
  8. Davenport-Hines, R. P. T: Auden